Gut Over Here was founded in April 2015 by Sara Ringer of Inflamed-and-Untamed.com and Dan Sharp of DanSharpIBD.org. Although we have both hosted or helped to host IBD-related meetups over the years, Gut Over Here is a formal collaboration between the two of us and you, the community.

Having IBD can be really difficult, and no one can quite understand that like another patient. We would like to help you make new and, we hope, meaningful and lasting connections with other IBD patients. So, “Gut Over Here!” to our next meetup. If we’re not in your area, we probably hope to be soon (unless you live some place that doesn’t have donuts). Our meetups are for all ages, and we welcome all friends, caregivers, and loved ones to join us.

Check out the Events page for upcoming meetups. And make sure to follow us on social media to give your input as to where we should go next!

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